Xbox November Update Brings Quick Controller Changes

Microsoft is rolling out a new November update for Xbox consoles that will make it much easier to switch your controller between a console and a PC or laptop. Rather than having to navigate through menus to change connections, the update allows you to switch between previously connected devices with just a double tap of the controller’s pairing button.

This feature has been available on the modern Xbox Series X / S controller since its release last year, but the new firmware update brings this option to Xbox One controllers with Bluetooth support and the Xbox Elite 2 controller. However, it will only be able to use it to quickly switch between a Bluetooth device and an Xbox console, not two Xbox consoles. The new firmware update also adds Dynamic Latency Input (DLI) to older Xbox One controllers, reducing input latency on controllers connected to Xbox Series X / S consoles for more responsive gameplay.

Along with the controller changes, Microsoft is also improving the audio output settings on all Xbox consoles. New audio options include the ability to mute speaker audio when a headset is plugged in, which is useful if you’re playing at night and don’t want to disturb family or neighbors.

New color filters are also part of this update for Xbox Series X / S consoles, which will help gamers with color blindness or color vision deficiencies. Microsoft also allows game developers to tag their titles with up to 20 accessibility features, making it much easier for people with disabilities to find which games support these visual, audio, and input settings. Over 325 games are supported right now and filtering options will be available in the coming months.

This latest board update also includes Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) integration, allowing older Xbox One consoles to play Xbox Series X games. The feature requires a Game Pass Ultimate subscription and will be available in 25 regions. , and a subset of Xbox owners can start testing it with the November update. Microsoft’s new November Xbox update is now available for all Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S consoles.

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