Bossam Steal the Fate (2021)

Bossam: Steal the Fate (2021)

Ba Woo is a degenerate man who gambles, steals, fights, and hides his real identity. To make money, he works by doing Bossam; a customary remarriage procedure that took place during the Joseon period. At that time, a widow could not remarry, so a single man or a widower would kidnap the widow and marry her. Some of the kidnappings were agreed upon in advance and others were by force.
While performing a Bossam, Ba Woo mistakenly kidnaps Princess Hwa In, the daughter of King Gwanghae and the daughter-in-law of his enemy Lee Yi Cheom. For a secret political agreement, she married the older brother of a man she loved, but, on the day of her wedding, her husband died. She then became a widow…

Native Title: 보쌈-운명을 훔치다
Also Known As: Bossam: Stealing Destiny , Bossam: Stealing Fate , Bssamunmyeongeul Humchida , Bossam: Woonmyungeul Hoomchida , Bossam – Steal the Fate
Director: Kwon Seok Jang
Screenwriter: Kim Ji Soo, Park Chul
Genres: Historical, Romance, Life, Drama
Tags: Poor Male Lead, Joseon Dynasty, Princess Lead, Widow, Thief, Hate To Love, Nice Male Lead, Hidden Identity, Remarriage, Single Father (Vote or add

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