Free browser that compromises privacy

UC Browser APK

Free browser that compromises privacy UC Browser is a free web browser application. UC Browser APK has millions of downloads that are mainly found in China, India, and Indonesia. While the Internet browsing service is popular, its popularity is declining due to security concerns. The platform is a subsidiary of Alibaba Group developed by UCWeb.

DuckDuckGo and Mozilla Firefox are safer alternatives to UC Browser, as you can disable tracking in alternative browser applications. UC Browser does not allow you to disable tracking.

Firefox and DuckDuckGo are ad-free, while UC Browser shows ads frequently. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Safari are additional Internet browsers that are more reliable than UC Browser.

How do I download UC Browser The Internet browser is cross-platform for Apple Mac, Linux, Microsoft Windows operating systems. While UC Browser is especially popular for Android devices, the browser is also available for iOS electronic devices such as iPad and iPhone. UC Browser is often marketed as a fast browser.

UC Browser works like most browser services. The search bar allows you to type keywords to search for topics on the Internet. The websites you recently searched for will appear on the search page.

A Top Sites category is available so that you can easily open your favorite websites. The “Most Visited” area keeps track of the URLs you access most frequently. You can bookmark links to return to them.

UC Browser offers an incognito mode. While incognito can hide your personal identity from the sites you visit, UC Browser still records your private information in the database.

Is UC Browser safe UC Browser is not secure, as the application automatically stores your software and hardware information. You will compromise end-to-end encryption for high speeds, as your online activity is not encrypted with UC Browser.

Since UC Browser can record your IP address and network operator, your location will be automatically logged in the system after you grant UC Browser permission. UC Browser sends your personal data to third-party advertisers, such as your device model, network provider, language, operating system version, IP ID, time zone, and GPS location.

Even your Apple IDFA and Google AAID identifiers can be shared with third parties and your confidential information can be revealed in investigations with UC Browser. While UC Browser submits information, the privacy policy states that your data will not be sold.

How can I download YouTube videos from UC Browser UC Browser includes a downloader like most web browsers, and you can download media content directly from websites like YouTube. Your items will appear in the “Downloads” area of ​​the main menu.

Videos you download from the Internet will appear in the “History” and “Downloads” areas. Your watch history is available in the “History” tab. You can see a list of videos that you marked as “Watch later.

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